About Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes anti malware is a malware security suite that will help you protect your computer, laptop, mac and mobile devices against a host of dangerous malware threats. This internet security suite offers real time protection and is able to effectively detect and remove unwanted malicious threats, thanks to its advanced technology. Malwarebytes anti malware will safeguard your system around the clock and will constantly ensure that your system is guarded against the newest and most advanced malware threats. Download Malwarebytes below and take advantage of the many features and benefits of this powerful security suite.

Custom Scans & Real Time Protection

Malwarebytes offers multiple modes of scanning, thereby allowing the end user to select the most appropriate scan for their desired needs. This includes Threat Scan, Custom Scan and Hyper Scan with Threat Scan being the recommended option for most users. Real Time protection is offered as a feature to premium members and will allow the software to guard your system constantly against spyware, adware, malware and other dangerous threats that attempt to do harm.

Updates & Reports

Some other great features of Malwarebytes anti malware are the update and report features. The updates feature of the software ensures that the definition database is updated at all times, ensuring that the software is able to defend your system against the newest and most sophisticated of harmful threats on the web. The reports feature of this program allows users to conveniently view individual reports of scans that were run and also websites that were blocked.

Scan Scheduling & Exclusions

The settings tab of Malwarebytes allows users to make various different tweaks to different aspects of the software itself. Included in the settings tab are the scan scheduling and exclusion features. Scan scheduling allows users to set up times when they would like a scan to be run on their system. The exclusions feature provides users with the opportunity to add items that they wish to be excluded from scans that are performed in the future.

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Scan & Erase Malware In Minutes!

Download: Download Malware bytes Antimalware trial version for PC & Mac by using the links below!

Update & Scan: Launch the utility after it is downloaded and installed. Perform the relevant updates and then run a scan.

Protect: Once the scan has completed, you will be notified of potential threats and recommended actions.

System Requirements:

Hardware Requirements: